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Jaguar Hoops Questions


1.      Who is Jaguar Basketball?

2.      How long is the Jaguar Basketball season?

3.      How many nights are the practices and games?

4.      Where do the practices and games take place?

5.      What are the normal times of practices?

6.      Do the kids play actual games or are they just practices?

7.      Are there referees?

8.      What is the parent’s role in relation to the Little Jaguars program?

9.      Do you have further info on the adult basketball program?

10.    How do you arrive at your fees?

11.    What is a sponsor?

12.    Can anyone register even if you do not live in WJHSD?

13.    How do I get involved?

Little Dribblers FAQ

LD1.    What is Little Dribblers?
LD2.    When does Little Dribblers occur?
LD3.    Where is Little Dribblers held?
LD4.    Who runs the sessions?
LD5.    What equipment is needed for Little Dribblers?




1.Who is Jaguar Basketball?


Jaguar Hoops manages the in-house recreational and travel basketball programs in WJHSD area.     We rely on coordinators; commissioners; equipment managers, and other staff; and head coaches to run our programs.   In all over 80 people are involved to make our basketball season a success each year. 


As our program evolves so are we.  This year we created some new positions to help us.  These positions include signup coordinator, equipment manager and Girls recreational coordinator.  Many of our positions do not require knowledge of basketball, but instead can use creative and organizational skills.  If you are interested in helping out with the operation and running of the program you can let us know by emailing


We are in no way affiliated or operated as part of WJHSD.  We enjoy the privilege of using WJHSD facilities each year.  It is through their generosity and understanding of our basic objectives that they support our activities and provide us with gym time and permits.  As these facilities have a primary mission of educating our children there are certain times when our permits are revoked temporarily to enable school activities to happen.  This also means that we all need to make sure that when we enter the schools and use the gyms that we take care of the facility and ensure that it is as clean when we leave as it was when we come in.


2.How long is the Jaguar Basketball season?


The season typically starts middle of November and concludes middle of March.


West Jefferson Hills School District (WJHSD) issues permits to JaguarHoops for the use of the gymnasiums within the school district Monday through Friday and all day Saturday and part-of-the day Sunday.  Our permits run from November until March.  We have over 700 kids and 76 teams playing basketball in school district gyms.  Last year we had over 10,000 kid-hours in the gyms.  While we now know our timeslots at the start of the season we do not know how many kids in each age group will be signing up. 

3.How many nights are the practices and games?


Scheduling is based on total registration; therefore we cannot publish the schedule until registration is complete.  Initial schedule is release thru the end of the year, with a second version published over the holiday break for the remainder of the season.


The season typically starts out front loaded with practices to introduce the kids to basketball fundamentals and team play.  After the holiday’s games usually start and each game should be followed by a practice session, however make-ups and other events may require some games to be played back to back with no practice in between.  We attempt to have a 10-14 game season and the decision is made by the age group Commissioner and Coaches. 


All age groups teams are in the gym two days per week, with the exception of Little Jaguars.  Games and practices are typically one week night and one weekend day.


Little Jaguars runs one hour per week for six weeks.  The sessions will be on the weekends and are dependent on registrations and gym availability.

4.Where do the practices and games take place?


All practices and games for Jaguars Basketball take place within WJHSD facilities.  Teams do not travel to other school districts or facilities.


1st – 2nd grade practices and games are played at Jefferson Elementary because it is the only gym that we can lower the baskets.  At this age group we play 8-1/2foot basket height and cross court 4 vs. 4. 


3rd grade – High School can be play at any of the school district gymnasiums with the exception of the Thomas Jefferson High School (Gill Hall, Jefferson, McClellan and Pleasant Hills Middle School)


Little Jaguars can play in any gym as our focus is not on shooting the ball.  However we do try to have a few sessions at Jefferson Elementary where the hoops can be lowered to 8 foot.

5.What are the normal times of practices?


All practice and game time slots or session are one hour.  We must start and end all sessions on time because we have other teams schedule before and after.


Weeknight sessions can be scheduled between 5:30PM and 9:30PM.  Weekends can be scheduled between 9:00AM and 9:00PM.  The younger age groups tend to have the earlier time slots; however this is negotiated between the age group commissioners and the gym time scheduler and is subject to change. 

6.Do the kids play actual games or are they just practices?


Yes, with the exception of Little Jaguars, every age group, boys and girls, play games. 


1st and 2nd grade does not keep score nor do we have any kind of tournament at the end of season.  Each child gets a participation award.  Past awards have included things like a bobble head, sack bag, t-shirt, etc.


3rd grade – High School does keep score and may use score clocks.  These age groups may also have a tournament at the end of the season.  The decision to have a tournament is made by the age group Commissioner in coordination with his coaches.  If a tournament is played, only the 1st and 2nd place teams receive an award.  If a tournament is not played, all kids in that league will receive some type of end of season award.  Past awards have included things like a bobble head, sack bag, t-shirt, etc.

7.Are there referees?

1st and 2nd grade will not have certified referees.  In the past we have used Middle School or High School age kids to referee these games; however they are sometimes difficult to acquire.  If not available, coaches are capable of managing these games. 


3rd – 8th Grade will have one certified referee per game.  Tournament play will have two certified referees per game.


High School boys will have two referees per game.  High School girls will have one referee per game. 


All referees certified or not, should be treated with respect.  Please refer to our Zero Tolerance Policy for details.

8.What is the parent’s role in relation to the Little Jaguars program?


We do not have actual coaches in this league, but we do ask for parent volunteers each week to help us with the stations we run during the session.  It would only be during the session your child participates. 


9.Do you have further info on the adult basketball program?


We are looking to see if enough adults would be interested in participating in an organized program run by Jaguar Basketball.  Today adults typically play in pickup leagues 1 night a week and do not benefit from the insurance discounts available to our program.  The adult league would be run similar to the kid’s league with coaches that would draft teams and be scheduled to play games in the evening.  This would be a new program and is open for discussion on how it should be run.  We would need an adult to volunteer to commission the league and help get it organized.  As of now if anyone is interested, they should return the registration form indicating Adult and we'll wait and see if we should pursue the program further.  Costs will be determined after we get a count of those interested, so no money should be sent upfront.


10.How do you arrive at your fees?


Unlike many other sports in our area, we do not have any additional fund raising requirements.  We also receive no grants or stipends from local, county, or state government entities.  We do receive sponsorship money from business entities that help sustain our program and keep our fees manageable.  Essentially our fees reflect what it costs to run our programs. 


Each year we prepare a budget and provide it to the Jaguar Hoops board for approval.  This budget proposal includes our fee structure.  Although we do have some variable costs during a given year like snow removal, damages to the school district, or rising prices we make every attempt to live within our budget each year.


We have kept our fees constant over the past six years by managing our costs and competively shopping for our items.  Our fee scales reflect the actual cost it takes to run the program.  Last year we spent over $38,000 to run the program.  Our expenditures included:


·        Signup forms and publicity

·        Insurance

·        Equipment – basketballs, whitles, scorebooks, pinneys, ball pumps, etc.

·        Uniforms – players, coaches, and staff

·        Referee fees

·        Miscellaneous costs – damages to school property, NSF bank fees, organizational meetings, snow removal, etc.


11.What is a sponsor?


Sponsor is someone who is willing to help our organization even more by donating $110 (first team) and prorated for each additional team.  This gets the sponsor recognition with their name on the back of a team's tee-shirt, identification and link on our website, and our gratitude.  Click here for more details.

12.Can anyone register even if you do not live in WJHSD?


Our Jaguar Basketball program has been developed to ensure that children within the WJHSD have an opportunity to play recreational basketball and enjoy exercise and fun during the winter months.  This includes children who have chosen alterantive school arrangement such as home schooling, Cyber School, or other private school options.  We do permit children throughout the surrounding areas sign up and participate as long as they sign up as individuals and are drafted and placed on teams as any other child. 

13.How do I get involved?


Just like any volunteer organization we always need folks coming forward to help us run the programs we offer.  Many of the things that are done behind the scenes to help run the program do not require any knowledge of basketball, but rather organizational skills and a strong desire to help.  We always have a need for coaches and staff so if you have any interest please email

Little Dribblers FAQ

LD1.  What is Little Dribblers?


Little Dribblers is a basketball clinic for children aged 3 through Kindergarten.  The program takes place over six weekends.  Each weekend your child will participate in an hour-long session during which they will rotate through stations learning and practicing basketball skills.


LD2.  When does Little Dribblers occur?


Little Dribblers takes place on the weekends in January and February.  Your child will be assigned to a group/coach and your group will meet for one hour each weekend over a six week period.  We will not know the exact day/time of Little Dribblers sessions until the league schedule is completed after January 1st.  You will receive an email with this information as soon as it becomes available or you can check the website.


LD3.  Where is Little Dribblers held?


Most sessions are held at Jefferson Elementary.  However, sessions may be held at the Middle School, McClellan or Gill Hall due to changes in the league schedule.


LD4.  Who runs the sessions?


Each session is run by a coach, however the stations are run by parent volunteers.  The coach sets up the stations and instructs the parents in what skills are being taught.  We NEED as many parent volunteers as we can get and you do not need to have basketball experience.


LD5.  What equipment is needed for Little Dribblers?


Only a comfortable pair of athletic shoes is needed.  Each child will receive a new basketball and a shirt at the first session.  They can wear their shirt each week and should bring along their basketball.  NOTE:  DO NOT WRITE YOUR CHILD'S NAME ON THE BASKETBALL.  During the sessions, the kids are sometimes required to put down their ball for an activity and finding "their" ball afterwards is often impossible.  All of the balls are identical, so as long as you bring a ball and leave with a ball you will be fine.  Because of this, PLEASE DO NOT ALLOW YOUR CHILD TO PLAY WITH THE BALL OUTSIDE until the season has ended to keep all of the balls in good condition.

Little Dribblers
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