Jaguar Hoops 2019-2020



Please be advised:

- NO manual registration will be accepted. Please register through our website
- Late Fees accessed after 11/6/18 for Elementary thru Girls 10th. Boys HS and Little Dribblers start 12/15/18.
- * Little Jaguars program is a 6 session starting in January 2019.
- Registration charges don’t include credit card fees, which will be added.
- Please remember to thank your WJH School District Directors and Athletic Dept. for their support

COME JOIN OUR BASKETBALL FAMILY! This great program is accomplished through the cooperation of
volunteer coaches, commissioners and support staff. We are of need of new volunteers and cannot do it without
your help. Questions/Interest in Volunteering: Jodi Stosic at 412-427-8993 or email

Problems or Question related to Registration please contact Jodi Stosic at



IMPORTANT!:  This is a recreational/FUN league. Abusive Language or behavior by any parent/coach/player/or fan will not be tolerated!  Bad behavior or vandalism by players, fans, coaches, etc. will result in dismissal from the Jaguar Hoops Basketball Association and all school district buildings used by Jaguar Hoops.